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I Know You Got Soul / Jeremy Clarkson

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Machines with That Certain Something

Anglų k., Penguin books, 2006 m., 244 p., mink. virš.

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In I Know You Got Soul , Jeremy Clarkson writes about the machines that he believes have 'soul'. It will come as no surprise to anyone that Jeremy Clarkson loves machines. But it's not just any old bucket of blots, cogs and bearings that rings his bell. In fact, he's scoured the length and breadth of the land, plunged into the oceans and taken to the skies in search of machines with that elusive certain something. And along the way he's *The safest place to be in the event of nuclear war *Who would win if Superman, James Bond and The Terminator had a fight *The stupidest person he's ever met *What an old Cornish institution called Arthur has to do with 0898 chat lines *And how Jean Claude Van Damme might get eaten by a lion . . . In I Know You Got Soul , Jeremy Clarkson tells stories of the geniuses, innovators and crackpots who put the ghost in the machine. From Brunel's SS Great Britain to the awesome Blackbird spy-plane and from the woeful - but inspiring - Graf Zeppelin to Han Solo's Millennium Falcon, they can't help but love them in return. Praise for Jeremy 'Brilliant . . . laugh-out-loud' Daily Telegraph 'Outrageously funny . . . will have you in stitches' Time Out 'Very funny . . . I cracked up laughing on the tube' Evening Standard

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